Bros Rajut

Harga Bros Rajut Maret 2013

PM, 5x5cm, 6rb, member 4.200

LP, 4x7cm, 8rb, member 5.600

AB, 6cm, 10rb, member 7rb BBD, 6cm, 10rb, member 7rb BBP, 6cm, 10rb, member 7rb BD, 6cm, 13rb, member 9.100 BKP, 6cm, 8rb, member 5.600 BKR, 6cm, 12rb, member 8.400 BKS, 6cm, 9rb, member 6.300 BKT, 6cm, 12rb, member 8.400 BM, 6cm, 14rb, member 9.800 BS, 6cm, 13rb, member 9.100 BSR, 6cm, 15rb, member 10.500 CDD, 6cm, 8rb, member 5.600 CTD, 6cm, 12rb, member 8.400 DB, 6cm, 15rb, member 10.500 DM, 5cm, 6rb, member 4.200 DT, 4cm, 8rb, member 5.600 KK, 3cm, 6rb, member 4.200 KM, 4cm, 9rb, member 6.300 MBK, 5cm, 15rb, member 10.500 MTB, 7cm, 15rb, member 10.500 MTD, 6cm, 13rb, member 9.100 MTT, 6cm, 15rb, member 10.500 PB, 7cm, 14rb, member 9.800 PBB, 7cm, 15rb, member 10.500 PBM, 5cm, 11rb, member 7.700 PD, 5cm, 10rb, member 7rb PK, 6cm, 6rb, member 4.200 PU, 8cm, 12rb, member 8.400 SF, 6cm, 10rb, member 7rb SJ, 5cm, 8rb, member 5.600 SM, 5cm, 6rb, member 4.200 TP, 6cm, 12rb, member 8.400 RB, 8cm, 20rb, member 14rbMB, 5cm, 11rb, member 7.700

Warna Benang Rajut 1 Warna Benang Rajut 2



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